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Take a trip to El Dorado, the city of riches in this new and exciting slot from developer NetEnt!

Summary of Gonzo's Quest Slot

If you have yet to hear of this free slot game then we are just going to assume that you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Anyone who’s anyone has heard of Gonzo’s Quest, a slot that takes you out into the wild, and by wild we mean an unexplored city that has endless amounts of stories surrounding it.

We are of-course talking about El Dorado, a city that is rife for riches and endless amounts of riches to boot. Developers have always played with the idea of using this location in their slots, but where most fail, NetEnt thrive. This slot is one of the most popular online slots going today, and not through lack of trying.

We know that every developer out there strives to reach the success of this title because of the amount of poor imitations there are out there. We will always go to bat for developers who follow trends, but at-least come up with something original. Go to Umbingo to find your favourite free bingo slots.

Gonzo’s Quest is a 5 reel game that happens to be played out over 20 set pay-lines. We understand that this is somewhat of a generic layout, although when you sit down and play this slot for yourself, you will come to understand that this is not the case.

Slots like this deserve to be played simply because there is time and effort in them. The RTP in this slot is also pretty high, so if you don’t care for craftsmanship, then you will at-least appreciate the financial gain on offer here.

We would advise that any new players joining this expedition, play on a low amount initially, just to get a few spins under their belt before they try their hand at a higher bet amount. If you wish to learn more about this slot then we would recommend you read the rest of our review below. There’s a lot to get into and so little time!

Expectation vs Reality When Playing Gonzo's Quest

When it comes to slots like this, it can go one of two ways. It can either be a success story, or it can be too complicated and thus avoided by those who deem it so. We personally understand what players are looking for, so go into every review with that in mind.

With that being said, we can confirm that this slot is complicated somewhat in design, but once you have gotten the hang of it, this becomes second nature and you will find yourself spinning for hours on end without even noticing where the time’s gone. If this is something you generally enjoy in your online slots then go for it! Play this slot.

About Gonzo's Quest Online Slots

In terms of how this slot looks, you will not find a better presented slot out in the market currently. There is just something about this slot that makes us excited to run these reels constantly. If you have ever played a NetEnt slot before then you will know that there is an emphasis on how the visuals are presented and how well they work alongside the gameplay.

The reels themselves take place within a jungle of some kind, just outside of a temple of some kind. Gonzo himself can be seen standing to the left of the reels, and he will react differently depending on what you are doing on the reels. This is a 3D slot so it is quite an enthralling experience that we are sure will keep your attention locked firmly on the screen at all times.

Symbols in this slot take the shape of various tiki masks that can be found spread out across the reels. Each offer something different in terms of scores. Those looking for a long term reason to play will find that in the 2500 coin jackpot that exists. Play more to find out how this jackpot works.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features available in Gonzo's Quest

If you have played any number of NetEnt’s slots in the past then you should already know what to expect here. These features all work in giving you the most money possible with each spin. Those that are smart will know that these features are best used with massive bet amounts in order to get the most out of this slot outright.

  • Wilds: Wild symbols are common in a lot of slots, but in this one there is a clear relationship between these symbols and high cash pay-outs. Simply match the wilds and watch as they substitute for all other symbol bar the scatter.
  • Avalanche Feature: At random intervals, the reels will topple on-top of each another, which will result in offering you a completely differently board to play on. If you are able to drop a symbol into a winning pay-line, then you will see an explosion on the screen which will shake the entire reels loose. Find great slot offers and free bingo games no deposit here!

Hit or Miss?

Gonzo’s Quest is not a slot to be taken for granted. How many times a day can you say that you’ve been teleported to an alternate city where there are riches beyond your imagination? You can’t state that without being branded a liar. Play slots and bingo games today!

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If you have played any online slot before then you will know of the name value that NetEnt carries. NetEnt are a developer who have had years within this industry; time well spent in that they have honed their craft in every possible sense.

Those that benefit most from playing their slots are those who look for escapism in real-time, simply because when you play their slots you are taken to other worlds and locations that just isn’t possible in reality. At this point in time, NetEnt are regarded by many as the leading figure in the online slot industry, and continue even to this day to amuse and entertain people across the globe.

NetEnt are a developer who understand what makes a great slot simply because they look at it from the perspective of the player and not some faceless corporation. In NetEnt you can trust, which is quite hard to state outright nowadays consider so many developers lose sight of what’s important. Slots and bingo games in the NetEnt catalogue include:

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All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.